August 15, 2017

Area Director Debbie lived in Paris twice and loves the international aspect of our program. She has some great advice for host families on how to have a wonderful relationship with their professional au pair. [...] Read More »

August 10, 2017

Emily started her time as an Area Director in Minnesota (Image above: Emily, left, in MN with professional au pair Maren) and recently relocated to San Jose, CA. She loves exploring her new home with her professional au pairs. Area Director Emily says hello below! [...] Read More »

August 07, 2017

Can you believe that back to school time is already here? [...] Read More »

August 03, 2017

Area Director Liz, from Denver, CO, is able to perfectly connect with our professional au pairs and host families- she was a nanny for many years, including for celebrities! To learn more about Liz (above with her daughter) check out her interview below. [...] Read More »

July 31, 2017

Have you heard your professional au pair teach your children some German words that sound similar to their English counterparts? German and English are not as different as you may think! What causes these similarities? Check out 3 reasons below. [...] Read More »