Five Suggestions to Minimize Helicopter Parenting

In a recent Washington Post piece by Merete Kropp, a child development and family specialist and mother of three, she suggests that current advice geared toward helicopter parents of high school and college students should also be actively communicated to parents of young children.“If the goal is for children to successfully manage life after high

Meet Conny: Creative Professional Au Pair Quickly Bonds with Twins and Family

Conny has lived with my family for over a year and has elected to continue her stay with us for an additional year. As a single father of 4.5-year-old twins, Conny has handled the unique challenges that we have with professionalism, love, grace and patience. In short order, when she arrived in the states, Conny

“100 Day Kit” offers Help for Families with Children Diagnosed with Autism

Autism affects more than 2 million people in the U.S., and statistics show that the prevalence has grown in recent years. At PROaupair, approximately 70% of our host families have children with special needs, the majority being on the autism spectrum.In 2008 (updated in 2011), Autism Speaks, an organization dedicated to promoting solutions, across the